Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WHY are some people so disappointed that Blue Ivy looks Black?!


Some people are really, really disappointed that Blue Ivy looks Black.
The people who wanted Blue Ivy to be their racially ambiguous dream-child have found themselves in the midst of a rude awakening. It appears that they forgot, or perhaps never cared to realize, that Blue Ivy is the child of two Black parents, and that their hopes and dreams of her being the beige child they could obsess over, and project their anti-Blackness onto, have been deferred. For as Blue Ivy grows and develops into the beautiful child that she is, her features have not stayed in the realm of Whiteness that so many of us are comfortable with when it comes to finding Black to be beautiful. Her hair is not the wavy texture that they hoped for. Her nose is not the thin one they hoped for. Her skin is not the beige, off-white, lemon color that they hoped for. Blue Ivy is a Black child with full lips, hair that grows defiantly towards the sky, and skin that is much more chocolate than vanilla.
And this has many people furious.
Perhaps it was inevitable.
Beyonce, for all her strengths and weaknesses, has not always presented an aesthetically Black image to the public. Her light skin and preference for straight blonde hair has, all too often, allowed her to appear as racially ambiguous in the public imagination. She could easily “pass” for a number of races, and no one would probably know the difference, and I think this is playing a part in the way Blue Ivy, her beautiful Black child, is being perceived. It’s as if people expect Blue Ivy to look like a biracial child despite having two Black parents. Some of those who are most frustrated and disappointed with Blue Ivy’s apparent Blackness are fans of Beyonce. It is entirely possible that they latched on to the singer due to her racially ambiguous features that allowed them to project their anti-Blackness onto her. This, however, has not been the case with Blue Ivy. They have grown frustrated with the fact that Blue Ivy’s hair is “not done,” they have lamented that she looks “too much like her dad,” and they have even stated their disappointment in how dark she is. People wanted Blue Ivy to serve as the recipient of their anti-Black desires and she has not turned out to be that for them.
It’s impossible to have a discussion about Blue Ivy being used as a projection of our anti-Blackness without mentioning North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. So far, North West has “passed” the test. Her hair is wavy enough, her skin is beige enough, and her features are palatable enough to those who are looking for a racially ambiguous dream-child to be recipient of their anti-Black projections. North West, unlike Blue Ivy, is an “appropriate” Black child, at least when it comes to the kind of children we prefer to fawn over in the media. Those commenting on the two children have praised Kim for refining North West’s Blackness by “laying” her hair down, but have decried Beyonce for refusing to “tame” or “do” Blue Ivy’s hair. The implication here being that our hair is something that needs to be controlled rather than being allowed to do its own thing, in its natural state. People have couched their anti-Blackness under “her hair needs to be done,” but anyone paying even a little attention should know what that is code for.
In a lot of ways, I feel like I am one of the few Black people who is not obsessed with beige children. I refuse to revel in the anti-Blackness that privileges lighter skin children with features more closely relating to Whites, or Asians or Native Americans. To quote the great intellectual bell hooks, “I am happy to be nappy,” and I love me some dark chocolate skin. I love all of the beautiful colors we come in, as human beings, from albino to pitch black, but I have to be on guard for the privileging of light skin and the anti-Blackness that has us believe that Black looks better when it is more closely related in skin color to White.
Toni Morrison once said that the most vulnerable person in any society is a Black girl child, and that is apparent with the endless criticism of Blue Ivy. It would be one thing if she were a little boy. She would be allowed to not be “pretty” or “beautiful” in a conventional since, but as a girl she not only has to be the right “color,” with the right features, she also has to be “cute.” Given that her mother is Beyonce, someone who is praised for her beauty and idealized for her racially ambiguity, I expect these criticisms of Blue Ivy to continue as she grows and develops.
In a white supremacist like ours, people are always looking for a place to project and display their anti-Blackness. Some people cannot seem to accept that Blue Ivy, at least, is not going to be the person they can do it on.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Pain Of Being In Love With Someone You Can Never Be With

The Pain Of Being In Love With Someone You Can Never Be With

Love is a tricky thing. It varies in intensity and in the specificity of emotions. It is sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world and, at other times, it’s the most horrid thing we’ve ever come face-to-face with.
It’s odd how one thing could be the cause of so many contrary feelings. But that’s what makes love so beautiful – it’s the closest thing to perfection that exists in the world, the only thing that can easily and comfortably encompass both good and evil, beautiful and ugly.
It’s the closest thing to a flawless whole that man has ever claimed to have been part of.
When we think of love, we think of the happy kind of love, the kind that is the beginning of something beautiful – something that breathes life.
There is, however, another kind of love, a much darker and sadder kind of love. It’s the love one feels when one loves someone he or she can never and will never have.
It’s the kind of love that doesn’t signal the beginning of something beautiful, but rather the end of something that might have been beautiful, but will never amount to anything more than what it is.
Contrary to popular belief or popular wishful thinking, love doesn’t always end happily. It doesn’t always result in the joining of two people, the fusing of two lives into one.
Sometimes, on rare occasions, it results in the wedging apart of the two who love each other the most. You can love someone with all your soul and never get a chance to be with that person. Even worse, you can know that you love him or her, understanding there is no possibility that the two of you will ever be together.
Some people cannot and will not ever end up together, even if they do love each other. It’s a sad truth, but a truth, nonetheless.
The fact is, love is not enough. All those fairytales, all those stories and movies you’ve heard and watched growing up, lied to you. Love is never enough because love is not rational.
You hear that love is irrational all the time, yet you still hear the same people saying that love is enough to keep two people together.
Unfortunately, we live in a world governed by rationality, and while love may be irrational, and we may manage to make it work for some time, the real world always catches up with us and our irrational illusions dissipate into thin air.
Then we are left with reality and reality doesn’t always reason the way lovers do.
Some people don’t work out together. They have habits or beliefs that make it impossible to co-habitate with the person they love. There isn’t a couple out there that loves every little thing about one another.
Sure, they may find certain quirks cute or unique, but they don’t love them; they simply accept them. There are some people who have such habits, tendencies, or thinking patterns that really do make them incompatible with the other person.
The two may love each other fully, because remember, love isn’t rational, yet not be able to live and deal with each other forever. This is why relationships require compromise.
You’re not going to love everything about the person you are with, but you love enough about him or her to live with the things you don’t love. Not all people are willing to, or even able to, compromise. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, regardless of what our emotions tell us.
Compromising, of course, is a choice. You either choose to make it work or you choose not to. I believe this fully. As long as something doesn’t go against your nature, over time you can make it work. But there are still some cases when compromising isn’t enough.
Sometimes there are other reasons two people cannot and will not ever be together. In fact, this is usually the deciding factor of whether or not two lovers will be capable of spending their lives together: if they are able to forgive and forget.
Because love is as intense an emotion as one gets, it occasionally leads us to make poor choices – choices that are hurtful to the ones we love.
They may be poor calls of judgment, lies we told or things we said. When it comes to love, our pasts haunt us. We move from relationship to relationship, hauling all that luggage we managed to accumulate in our previous relationship.
Because lovers who can’t work together don’t like to accept this fact, they have a tendency of breaking up and getting back together repeatedly.
Each time they take a break from each other, they come back and try to start fresh. But the problem is, they’re still carrying all that luggage. And sooner or later, they start to unpack. All the demons come out.
When love scars, it cuts deep. The pain isn’t easily forgotten and usually cannot be willfully forgotten. When you hurt the woman you love enough, she won’t come back to you. And because you still love her, you wouldn’t take her back even if she asked you to.
You don’t trust yourself not to hurt her again and even if you did, she wouldn’t trust you not to hurt her again. Relationships are built on trust and you shattered her trust.
Chances are, you both have bruises that have never fully healed and likely will never fully heal. And that’s just something you decided that you’ll have to live with. Why?
Because you really don’t have any other options. You just hope that the two of you find others to love so you can think about each other less and so you don’t have to worry about her happiness anymore.
You wait in hopes that new love can take the place of the old — which it can. But that doesn’t mean you will ever stop loving each other. Some people will love each other until the day they die, spending the majority of their lives apart. And so is the darker side of love.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

(Video) How to Fix Your Bent iPhone 6 Plus (Don't Try at Home)

Bendgate. Bendghazi. Call it what you want — what you need is a solution.
When you just can't choose between your sleek, new phablet and your stylish skinny jeans, there is one solution for fixing your bendable iPhone 6 Plus: a drill press.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. But we suggest leaving this to professionals.

Apple to Add Gold to iPad Lineup?


Apple's love affair with gold is about to extend to the iPad, as the company is planning to introduce the color as a new option in an effort to boost lagging tablet sales.
Gold-colored backings for 9.7-inch iPads are set to be released sometime in October, according to Bloomberg. A gold iPad would join other products that have sported the metal (or at least the color), including the iPhone 5S and the new Apple Watch, which will be available in actual 18-karat gold.
For an idea of what a gold iPad might look like, Stuart Hughes, a luxury gadget designer, made a solid gold and diamond-encrusted iPad back in 2010.
Apple has struggled to sustain iPad sales, which have fallen in recent quarters, and declined in year-over-year comparisons. Analysts such as Gartner are projecting the global tablet market to continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The "Master List" For Proof That Tupac Shakur Is Alive?

As Seen On Tumblr:

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It is suspected Tupac faked his own death and is currently releasing music under aliases. His latest suspected front man, so to speak, is Kasinova Tha Don (now K Prince). But this is far from the first time an artist has been accused of being a lip-sync artist for Tupac. Listen to some of the other suspected aliases and decide for yourself: are they Tupac? (Also see: 2004 Forum post allegedly written by 2pac attacking Jay-Z for using “Me And My Girlfriend” + more!)
Suspected but unconfirmed Tupac aliases: Malign20 Playlist & Tha Realest Playlist

Space Jam 2 Confirmed For 2016?

LeBron James teams up with the Looney Tunes and other cartoons.

Not official image,

"The 1996 film “Space Jam” will never be confused with “The Godfather” or “No Country for Old Men” in terms of great American cinema. In fact, the movie starring Michael Jordan and watered-down Looney Toons stars (Bugs Bunny’s edgy days of impersonating Hitler were long over by this point) was mostly panned by critics.
But with time comes nostalgia, and suddenly “Space Jam” is considered something of a cult classic. The move is re-watchable, even for adults, as any film which features two scenes featuring banter between Bill Murray and Larry Bird deserves a glance-over. Oh, and all the R. Kelly helps a ton, too.



"Love Lost.
Well, that was fast. TMZ  has learned that Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa after a year of marriage. According to documents filed on Monday, Amber cited irreconcilable differences and is seeking full custody of their one year-old son, Sebastian. We want pre-nup?" - B.Dot

Petition: Hundreds Of Sex Offenders Names To Be Removed From Maryland's Sex Offender List?

Petition by:
Baltimore, United States

 My name is Barbara Moore; I am a mother, a grandmother and an advocate, who is passionate about bringing awareness to child molestation, sexual abuse and rape.  My daughters were molested by my oldest brother, whom I had him arrested and prosecuted, however he barely did two years in prison for his crime.  Although, I was disappointed he did not get more jail time, I was very happy that he had to register as a sex offender on the Maryland State Sex Offender's Registry.  This registry makes the general public aware of the names, addresses, etc... off the sex offenders that moves into our neighborhoods, which is one of the tools we use to keep ourselves and our children safe. 
     Because of the sexual abuse committed against my daughters I decided to create a organization named" CAN'T CLOSE MY EYES" to become a voice for children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse.  While we are just beginning, we find out that the MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS RECENTLY RULED TO HAVE HUNDREDS OF SEX OFFENDERS NAMES REMOVED FROM THE MARYLAND STATE SEX OFFENDER'S REGISTRY, because their constitutional rights were being violated because their crimes were committed before October 1995 when the sex offender's registry was implemented and made a law.  This was a huge slap in face to their victims, the residents/parents of Maryland, and the general public as a whole. 
    This decision have me deeply concerned about the safety of the citizens in Maryland, or any other state that these sex offenders will be able to move to without little to no accountability.  These individuals will be placed back into the pool of thousands of sex offenders who live amongst us, and have never been convicted or arrested for their sexual offenses.  When these individuals’ names are removed from the sex offender's registry, they can relocate and become our children's coaches, Sunday school teacher's and scout masters, the mere thought of that is very scary to me.  We as human beings are sometimes too trusting and we try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but when our instincts tell us that something is not right, we should definitely listen to it, because more than likely it is true.  Each time, more than once, when I listened to that instinct and checked the sex offender's registry list, I found that person on there, that my instinct questioned.  With these names removed, from the registry, how will we know who is in our environment and around our families.  Some, individuals on that sex offender's registry list are serial rapist and repeat child molesters, just like my brother who had many victims dating back more than 40 years, however,  he was not exposed, arrested or convicted until 16 years ago.  There is no guarantee that these individuals will not offend again.
    The attorney for these sex offenders argues that the state of Maryland is violating her client's ex post facto or double jeopardy, protections, and civil rights.  WHERE ARE OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AND PROTECTION!   Please sign this petition to request that our Governor Martin O’Malley’s office and the Attorney General office take this battle to the next level, even if it’s the SUPREME COURT to be reexamined,  for the sake of the safety of the citizens of Maryland especially OUR CHILDREN
Signing this petition can not only possibly have the Maryland Courts of Appeals ruling overturned to keep all of the more than 8, 0000 convicted sex offender's names on the Maryland  sex offender's registry, it can also, possibly SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE.

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Need A Job? See Who's Hiring Here!

Are you on the job hunt? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search for your next big move. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they're looking to fill positions from Mashable's community.
Each week, we highlight 10 recently posted openings. Check out some of this week's newest listings, below, and be sure to read our Job Search Series for valuable career tips.
Company: Amazon
Location: Seattle, Washington

Amazon Local is looking for exceptional, motivated software engineers to break ground on innovative product features for our customer-facing website, merchant tools, and applications for mobile devices. You will drive projects end-to-end, collaborate on product definition with business teams, architect and implement the technical solution, and measure its success. You will work with senior management and play a key role in ensuring Amazon continues to reinvent itself.
Company: Adrenaline365
Location: Palo Alto, California

Join a lean, successful team and help drive next-level growth for our business. We are at the helm of the mobile tipping point and we need the right candidate to help accelerate our mobile strategy – namely by developing our mobile site and launching mobile sales. Our e-commerce website is making big splashes in our unique industry, so the new position also requires a candidate versed in everything e-commerce and web development. Hitch your future to this rising-star tech company and help us capitalize on a great retail opportunity.
Position: iOS Developer
Location:Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

s an iOS application developer you will develop, design and maintain our iPad and iPhone apps. The iOS apps have been downloaded over 20 million times all over the world, so your work will have broad international reach.’s loyal customer are using our apps more and more. Our mobile apps teams listen to our customers and give them the features that they want and use. We are looking for highly skilled developers to join our mobile team in the vivid city of Amsterdam. Join our international team and help us to make the best travel app in the world.
Company: DZ solutions
Location: Los Angeles, California

We are a customer-service focused, Technology Value Added Reseller. Our engineering team is the backbone of our organization performing full-service integration—everything from server room design to end-user service contracts. Our ideal candidates value individual efforts that contribute to the success of the team as well as a commitment to continued education in new and emerging technologies that will better serve our customers.
Company: Techshed/Redbeacon
Location: Foster City, California

People want to find trusted professionals for projects in their biggest and most precious asset: their homes. Redbeacon solves the problem by making the process easier, faster, and most importantly, guaranteed. Building products for the web, mobile, and the aisles of the America’s largest home-improvement retailer, we’ve got a fierce startup culture where we move fast and take risks
Company: Pandora
Location: Oakland, California

At Pandora, we're a unique collection of engineers, musicians, designers, marketers, and world-class sellers with a common goal: to enrich lives by delivering effortless personalized music enjoyment and discovery. People—the listeners, the artists, and our employees—are at the center of our mission and everything we do. The Ad Product Strategy team at Pandora is seeking a Senior Manager to shape the future of our ad solutions portfolio with an emphasis on branded listening experiences for artists and advertisers.
Company: HarperCollins Publishers
Location: New York, New York

We are currently seeking a Website & Email Marketing Manager to drive consumer awareness for HarperCollins Children’s Books through various digital marketing programs. Creative and results-driven thinking is essential in this role as you establish programs that drive traffic and quality leads through cost-effective digital marketing campaigns. The ideal candidate will bring a combination of writing, analytical, creative, technical and marketing skills to the role.
Location: Marina Del Rey, California

Senior Software Engineer Based in Marina Del Rey, CA, we are a fast-paced, growing, and exciting ecommerce Company with an aggressive release cycle and several applications. We are currently looking to hire a full-time Senior Software Engineer to join our technology team.
Company: M+R
Location: New York, New York

M+R is looking for a Senior Associate who is cross-trained in social media and media relations to join our Communications & Advocacy division. The right person for this job will have 2-3 years of demonstrated experience in media relations, with an emphasis on social media. We need a communications know-it-all who wants to help progressive, public-interest nonprofits like the American Lung Association, ASPCA, MacArthur Foundation, Humanity United, and other groups reach their audiences, advance their issues, and change the world.
Position: Community Editor
Company: Tory Burch 
Location: New York, New York

The Tory Burch Foundation (TBF) is hiring a full-time Community Editor to work in our NYC HQ. Applicants must provide a resume, cover letter, portfolio reflecting past content and writing experience, as well as three professional references. The Community Editor supports and delivers a first-class branded online content experience across TBF’s website and other online platforms through content creation, communications, and creative coordination.

Check out more career opportunities on the Mashable Job Board. New positions are posted daily, ranging from entry-level to C-suite positions.

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Inside the Apple Watch: the Tech Behind Apple's New Wearable...


Apple finally took the wraps off its much-rumored Apple Watch on Tuesday, showing off features and functions on the wrist-mounted device, which is poised to shake up the growing wearables industry.
Although the Apple Watch won't be available until early 2015, and there were limited opportunities for even those at the event to touch the device, the technology contained in the Apple Watch is, at first blush, pretty impressive. Let's take a look at what we know so far.

Digital Crown

The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch is something of a throwback as it's a return to the physical rotation mobile controller we saw on the original iPod. In that respect, it almost seems like the Digital Crown is a first-generation curio, destined to be replaced in future iterations.

Ex-FBI Director to Review NFL's Handling of Ray Rice Case?


NEW YORK — The NFL says former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III will conduct a probe into how the NFL handled evidence as it investigated domestic violence claims against former Ravens running back Ray Rice.
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement Wednesday that the investigation will be overseen by NFL owners John Mara of the New York Giants and Art Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Goodell said that Mueller will have access to all NFL records.
The NFL's announcement came after a law enforcement official told the AP on condition of anonymity that he sent a tape of Rice striking his then-fiancee at a casino to an NFL executive in April. Goodell has maintained that no one at the league had seen the tape prior to Monday, when it went viral online.

(Video) Ellen Degeneres Twerking With Nicki Minaj?

ellen nicki

ellen nicki 1

Thursday, September 4, 2014

R.I.P: Joan Rivers Dies at 81

Joan Rivers Dead

Joan Rivers, a raucous and often-ubiquitous comedic presence on TV and nightclubs since the 1960s, has died. She was 81. 

"It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers," daughter Melissa said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. 

"She passed peacefully at 1:17pm surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother. Cooper and I have found ourselves humbled by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers we have received from around the world. They have been heard and appreciated." 

"My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." 

Rivers stopped breathing during a surgical procedure last week on her vocal cords and had to be rushed from the clinic to Mount Sinai Hospital. 

Her daughter, Melissa immediately flew from Los Angeles to the Manhattan medical facility, where Joan reportedly had been placed in a medically induced coma

Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship...

Love Lesson: Love Does Not Equal Violence

I receive enough letters from women in abusive relationships that I will be hosting a healing workshop this fall in Philadelphia. Most of these letters ask for advice and next steps. Increasingly, I have also been receiving letters from women who are seeking advice on whether they are being abused or not. This makes sense as partner violence can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, and verbal abuse. We are clear that if someone has physically hit us that we are being abused but there are more insidious ways that abusers strike.
In a past column we had Reverend Kia Granberry share her experience with an abusive relationship. So is it possible to be a woman with seemingly healthy self-esteem to be in an abusive relationship? Absolutely. The reasons why this may happen range from you genuinely wanting to help someone to being so caught up in the positives about a person that you overlook the glaring negatives. However, it is not possible to stay in such a relationship and maintain healthy self-esteem.
This abuse has also been called domestic violence, intimate partner violence, spousal abuse, teen dating violence or family violence. No matter the name or the situation, this is extremely serious.
Please note: I am using the pronoun he to refer to the abuser but abusers can be any gender in relationships of any orientation.