Monday, August 31, 2015

The Eazy-E AIDS Conspiracy: Was He Injected?

So, its pretty much [clear as day] that Eazy didn't DIE from having the "AIDS virus" due to multiple unprotected sex sessions... Just do your research on "HIV & AIDS" because mostly everything that you find in relation to dying from the virus will read something like this; "Without treatment, people who progress to AIDS typically survive about 3 years. Once you have a dangerous opportunistic illness, life-expectancy without treatment falls to about 1 year."

Now, do your research on Eazy's health conditions and leading up to his death.. Shit doesn't quite add up.. But here's audio & visual proof that something else took E's life...

"In the throwback clip above from Knight's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2003, shortly after his release from prison, Eazy-E's death is made the punch line of a downright baffling attempt at a joke. Of course, the "joke" doesn't exit the mouth of Kimmel, instead adding to the bizarre narrative of Suge Knight's continually ludicrous life. Responding to Kimmel's decision to wear a bulletproof vest for the interview, Knight enters into a brief diatribe on how to properly kill someone."

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Incredible Little Shindig 2 (A Music Conference/Art Exhibit) For Baltimore?


Baltimore is always complaining about the lack of support & originality in our city... So, i'm coming back to back to back with out of the box event-ideas to help the entertainment/artistic scene GROW... Because there is soooo much talent here without direction and the proper knowledge. So with this particular event here, which is the sequel to the one we did in April (packed it out).. i'm just trying to do it way bigger than we did before.. Like, whoever thought to mix art exhibitions.. with a music conference night... in a skatepark? ME, that's who! (lol) but there will be so much going on... people performing, a hip hop cypher, vendors, live-painting, people skateboarding, jumping in the "foam pit" etc etc. It's gonna be a GREAT time... Only $13 right now... 15 at the door... Shout out to my Canadian connect for really helping me put this thing together from a million miles away ! See ya'll, Saturday?! 

"The Incredible Creation is hosting a music conference/art exhibition. It is scheduled to be held on August 29, 2015, in Baltimore, MD. This event is for all ages and will include, a speaking panel, cypher, performances, networking opportunities, art, skateboarding, and many other activities that will bring out the inner kid and entrepreneur in everyone."

You can purchase tickets to attend The Incredible Little Shindig 2 here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Petition: Sandra Bland died after a brutal police arrest.

On Monday July 13th 2015 Sandra Bland, a 28 year-old Black woman from the suburbs of Chicago was found dead in a Waller County, Texas jail cell. The circumstances surrounding her death are at best unclear and given known facts, very disturbing.
Sandra Bland, a Prairie View A&M graduate, had recently arrived in Texas to start new employment in the state and was residing with her uncle. On Friday July 10th 2015, Ms. Bland was pulled over by local Waller County Sheriffs for failing to signal before changing lanes.
What we know of what happens after that is unsettling. 
Local press affiliates were able to obtain a nearly 2-minute long video of her arrest. We see Ms. Bland lying face down in a grassy marsh immediately abutting a public sidewalk. There is a male police officer with both knees pressed down on top of her back. Her arms are being sharply pulled behind her back and Ms. Bland is screaming and crying. We can clearly hear her say, "I can't feel my arms!" "I can't hear!" "You slammed my head into the ground! I'm a female. Don't you care that you slammed my head into the ground!?"
Significantly - one of the other two police officers notices the unidentified pedestrian who was taking the footage and ON CAMERA immediately attempts to intimidate him and make him STOP FILMING. As you know, The Supreme Court just recently upheld the RIGHT of any United States citizen to FILM POLICE on public property (and even in some private properties). The SCOTUS judgment also specifically prohibited police from doing exactly what this police officer was shown on camera to do: attempt to intimidate & stop a private citizen from filming an arrest on public property.
The next thing we (the general public) know for sure is that on Monday, July 13th 2015 at 9AM - local police said they found Sandra Bland dead. They said she was found "hanged" and are indicating that it was a suicide.
Based on a number of factors:
a) Sandra Bland had just RELOCATED from Chicago, Illinois to Texas to begin a brand new job.
b) Evidence that she took this new employment seriously and enthusiastically is indicated by the fact that she relocated across the country to start that job.
c) Per all family, friends and peers who have spoken publicly on this matter - Ms. Bland was a very bright, vital and happy person with absolutely NO indications of depression or suicidal tendency whatsoever!
d) Ms. Bland is clearly seen and heard on video screaming that she had been very seriously physically assaulted and damaged. She cites lack of feeling in her arms. That her head had been bashed into the ground. and as significantly - that she couldn't hear.
All three concerns are extremely disturbing (and relevant) in light of what we know happened (her being found lifeless 2 days later) in that all three would be consistent with the onset of cerebral hemorrhaging.
And for that matter outside any local or state authority.
The circumstances of this young woman's death is highly suspect and it is in the interest of justice for an outside, disinterested party with the proper legal authority to assume jurisdiction over this avoid any appearance of impropriety or concealment. 
The Department of Justice has to conduct an independent autopsy to determine the cause of death.
Was there hemorrhaging due to her head being slammed to the ground (as she exclaimed twice)?
It is in the public's interest...and in the interest of justice that we find out


I started this petition because the LIFE of Sandra Bland MATTERS.

Because it has become painfully clear through a pattern of heavy-handed, hyper-violent and wantonly callous interactions between police and citizens, particularly black citizens nationwide...that the system of law enforcement as currently practiced is broken. And we need change.

We can start here.
We can start by finding out what truly happened to Sandra Bland.
And we can get least for her.
Her life matters.
Black Lives Matter.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at 22?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia. She was 22.
In a statement to ET, the Houston family wrote, "She is finally at peace in the arms of God. "We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months."
On Jan. 31, Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub. She was taken to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia, where she was placed on a ventilator to help her breathing. Later, she was placed in a medically induced coma at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital after her condition was getting worse.
Two months later, she was moved to a rehabilitation center and stayed there until June 24. Shortly after, she was moved to the hospice center.
"Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has continued to deteriorate," Pat Houston told ET in a statement that day. "We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God's hands now."
When Bobbi Kristina was discovered in the bathtub, it was just days before the third anniversary of her mother’s passing. A source tells ET that Bobbi Kristina reportedly suffered from an apparent drug overdose, but none of her family members have confirmed.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pangea Fest (w/ Jean Grae, Blaqstarr & more!) In Baltimore?


No one can deny the resurgence of creative energy and the support of it in Baltimore City. Local, national and international media alike have raved over the immense amount of unique talent we have to offer. Pangea Fest, named after the state of all the continents united, was birthed out of the celebration of this. Pangea Fest represents a more connected and diverse Baltimore art and music scene, not only amongst ourselves but surrounding states as well.

Pangea Fest is to take place Saturday August 8th, 1-10pm at the YNot Lot in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Legendary hip-hoppera JEAN GRAEis headlining with performance and DJ sets by BLAQSTARR and local acts curated by various collectives including Invisible Majority, Llamadon, Cre3sol, Oddflower, Electric Llama, Our Nature, The Incredible Creation and more! Hosted by writer D.Watkins and singer and actress Miz Jaxxxn. The event will also have live art, local zines, an artist market & other special surprises.  The official afterparty will be at The Crown-1910 N Charles St. Presale tickets are available now:

Pangea Fest is brought to you by Invisible Majority and Locals Only. Invisible Majority is a Baltimore based creative community incubator that offers space, services and events to the creative community. Locals Only is a series of events and panels that help highlight and build up Baltimore’s artistic community.

But, Did You Read How Noah "40" Shebib Defended Drake Tho?!


Despite the Instagram DM made public by Hitman Holla, Drake’s been quiet about the ghostwriting allegations. Last night, producer Noah “40” Shebib turned to his Twitter account to addresses accusations, writing music and contributor Quentin Miller." - Big Homie

No one can question my involvement in drakes career. We have come a long way together. So let me start by putting something into perspective. I can’t count the hours that myself and drake have spent writing producing and recording music. Let’s just say… 5000 hours…I’ve spent maybe 30 min in a studio with Q. Nice enough guy, very talented…. If your asking if he contributed to if you’re reading this… Yes, he did. You can also see that by reading the credits. If your asking if q contributed to if you’re reading this the answer is yes. You can also read that in the credits. 
No one is as talented as drake. It’s not worth my time. I need someone who understands song writing on a higher level…Sometimes that skill is used to recognize other great songs… Like in all forms of music… Except rap. 
Rap has a stigma about writing your own lyrics and rightfully so… its a very personal art form and its rooted in speaking truthfully. Thankfully for me drake isn’t just a rapper. He’s also a musician and a producer and a creator.
We go beyond the normal boundaries that rappers want to sleep themselves stuck in. We’ve been fighting those rules from day one. If no one noticed there weren’t many singing rappers in ’08. 
Theres countless number ones and songs drake has written for others never mind himself, thats the funny part lol! To be even feeling my own need to say these things is crazy. and even more ironic is that drake is maybe the most personal rapper ever. never has someone spoken about themselves or there own perspective so vividly… ever. its why people have called him soft… because he shows humility and is truthful and honest. so if someone wants to be upset that drake made a great album, go for it, get mad all day lol! but don’t ever question my brothers pen.

[2006] Lost Interview: Jay Z Disses Jim Jones & Cam'ron, Talks LL Cool J Album Flop, DMX etc.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bystander Throws Water On Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–A woman dumps water on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake during a One Baltimore event this morning at the Mondawmin Mall.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Whoopi Goldberg defends Bill Cosby: 'He has not been proven a rapist'


Whoopi Goldberg is staunchly defending Bill Cosby in the wake of a 2005 deposition where the comedian admitted to giving at least one woman a sedative and purchasing quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with.
The actress shared her thoughts on The View, telling viewers to "save your texts, save your nasty comments — I don't care." Goldberg, who has defended Cosby throughout a maelstrom of sexual assault allegations from dozens of women, said he is "innocent until proven guilty."
"He has not been proven a rapist," she said.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to cancel your Apple Music subscription before your free trial is up?


The new Apple Music streaming service comes with a three-month free trial as a way to entice users. Get them hooked early on and they'll be more likely to cough up money to subscribe to the platform.
Whether Apple Music isn't for you or you don't want to pay for the service after the three months are up, you can cancel the service right now and still use it for the duration of the trial period. Canceling your Apple Music subscription is easy to do, but here's a step-by-step guide to make the process even easier.

How to cancel on iOS

There's a user account avatar on the top left corner of every page of the new music app. Tap it, and you'll be brought to an account page.
Cancel Apple

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Baltimore To The World: 'The Incredible Creation' Needs Your Help!

Baltimore based brand 'The Incredible Creation' started RIGHT HERE, with this very blog... And has grown into something much bigger... "...a creative brand/umbrella organization that hosts an array of artistic abilities facilitating in creating, building and supporting the dreams of those artist(s) invested in this artistic powerhouse. Joining together all facets of creative talents under one unifying brand whose mission is to set the standard of being incredible though fostering the growth and development of its members personally, professionally, emotionally and by using the wealth of resources at its disposal, a unique perspective, an outlet to freely express themselves through use of their various artistic talents. The Incredible Creation in essence is a family full of different talents and outlets all connected by a sincere desire to touch and inspire the world through their gifts." (visit the main site for more info)

But now, WE need your HELP... In order to continue making dreams come true & throwing events for the community.. We need to raise some money to make everything happen that has helped us grow into this incredible creation we have thus far.

We are asking for any donation from 25 cents to a dollar or $5 or more & if you cannot contribute anything please share this on your social media accounts.

Thank You & God Bless..

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Petition: Place Martin Luther King Jr. On Our Currency?!

Martin Luther King Jr. symbolizes a shift in the social direction of our country, from a racial and segregationist society to a more tolerant and inclusive one. The most prominent leader in the civil rights movement, King deserves a grand commendation in the daily lives of Americans, alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin among others. 
We urge both chambers of the U.S. Congress and the President of the United States to order the printing of Martin Luther King Jr.'s face on any piece of paper currency or its minting on a any piece of coined currency.
Please sign on to this petition to support this commendation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s achievements and the broader shift in American social structure that came as a result.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

(Video) Black Reality TV Shows Exposed?!



Your Thoughts?!

Monday, May 25, 2015

26 Shootings, 9 Fatal, Over Memorial Day Weekend In Baltimore?

Police+ crime scene

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The violence continues — as the number of shootings continues to grow and two more people killed over Memorial Day weekend in the city.
Baltimore police reported eight shootings overnight, two of which were fatal — making the tally for the weekend in Baltimore 26 shootings, 9 fatal.
A summary of the overnight shootings police are investigating are below:
May 24, 2015, 10:28 p.m. — 1600 block of Hazel St. (Southern)
Police respond to a report of a firearm discharged. They learn of a walk-in shooting victim at area hospital and when they arrive, they learn a man was shot in the buttocks. Victims tells police he was shot by two masked men.
May 25, 2015, 12:13 a.m. –500 block of E. 21 st St. (Eastern)
Officers respond for a report of a cutting and find a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the back of his head. Man is taken to hospital where he’s listed in critical condition.
May 25, 2015,  12:29 am — 800 block of W Fayette St. (Western)
Officers respond to a report of a shooting and they find a man inside a car suffering from gunshot wounds. Police locate a second victim — a woman – who was shot in the back and was laying in the street. Both victims were taken to area hospitals, but the man died due to his injuries. Woman is listed in critical, but stable condition.
May 25, 2015, 1:43 am –5300 St Georges Ave. (Northen)
Police responded for a report of a shooting and find a man suffering from gunshot wounds to his chest and legs. He’s immediately transported to a local hospital, but dies. While investigating the shooting, police learn of two more victims — a 17-year-old male who walked into a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to his arm and a another man who sought treatment for a gunshot/graze wound to his head.
May 25, 2015, 4:09 am — 5200 Midwood Ave. (Northern)
Officers arrive at a local hospital for a report of a walk-in shooting victim. They find a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg.
WJZ media partner The Baltimore Sun reports 35 people have been killed so far in May making it the deadliest month in Baltimore since December of 1999. Since the beginning of the year, 108 people have died due to violence in the city.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Open letter to Prince: In Baltimore, Visit the Grassroots. Otherwise, You’re Drowning Them Out!

The Grassroots are helping to bring peace to Baltimore, if only people could see their work, so often drowned out by "well meaning" celebrity cameos.

Dear Prince,
As a Baltimore native, I want to personally thank you for your interest in helping Baltimore.
However, as someone who has worked on social justice issues in the city for most of my adult life, I’m writing to question your timing/methods.
I was out of town on Monday, so I saw what the city looks like from the outside. Knowing people I worked with in the city were helping to lead protests, I was terrified from what I saw on cable news.
I thought Baltimore was basically done for as a functional city.
To my surprise, when I got home, about 5 minutes walk from the scenes of “ground zero”, I foundvery little visible damage from the so called “riot”, but a community so structurally neglected as to make it difficult to see how the community would change much even if a full scale riot had broken out.
Seeing Baltimore from the outside last weekend, I can also see why you may feel the need to come. Baltimore is in pain; the people are angry and mistrustful and need help. As a Baltimore native, I also know exactly why that narrative is so problematic. From the outside looking in, you would assume Black Baltimore is rudderless, without unity and devoid of the ability to heal itself. This image is useful for the media, politicians, and elite “saviors” to frame West Baltimore as needing the benevolence of philanthropic institutions.
It also happens to be incorrect.
West Baltimore is full of institutional and communal leadership structures which are ignored, disavowed, and often directly attacked by the very same politicians and institutional non-profits that I’m sure are welcoming, and perhaps directly benefiting from, your planned visit. This may shock or even confuse, but let me explain. Few cities have mastered the illusion of democracy, theveneer of justice, and the art of co-option as well as Baltimore. A city run largely by Black politicians and saturated with non-profit organizations, all claiming to “love Black people” and wanting to “empower” (read “save”), Black Baltimore is yet the home of some of the highest inequity in the country.
There is an industry in Baltimore around peddling solutions to the misery of Black people, framing programming as the “solution” for people deemed culturally or intellectually deficient. Thus, many of the “youth organizations” your benefit concert would be benefiting are not controlled by the community, are not accountable to the communities they serve, and are not staffed by people who have immersed themselves within the cultural and intellectual heritage of the communities they serve. This is not to say the people there are mean spirited or bigoted, but structurally there is a system which props up institutional nonprofits as de facto “civilizing missions,” viewing the youth they serve as needing to be properly ingratiated into the dominant culture, a process which tacitly demonizes their indigenous culture and frames those in these communities who do not wish to take this path as inferior, problematic, even “thugs.” This raises questions about the concert; at 2-4 hundred dollars a ticket, how much of this money actually goes to charity, and which charities? Far from fixing Baltimore’s problems, by ingratiating yourself into a system which ignores at best and demonizes at worst the very communities most affected by these events, you risk exacerbating these problems.
Second, your visit is going to hurt the autonomous actions of the Baltimore grassroots. With all due respect, only we can heal ourselves, and while we welcome those who seek to build and empower indigenous institutions, the cavalcade of celebrity cameos to Baltimore this week only distracts from the long term need to build independent institutions within oppressed communities so that the people there have the power to save themselves. An example of this is the massive action we have planned for Saturday, May 9thBmore Youth Rise.

New Music: Prince "Baltimore"

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.10.26 PM

"Increase The Peace.
Before taking stage at his ‘Rally 4 Peace’ concert in Baltimore [tonight], Prince shares his ode to Charm City in recognition of the city’s recent events. The concert will be streamed on Tidal.
The original recording subsequently became a demo when Prince, that very same night – all alone in Studio A, played all the instruments on an entire new version of the song. The next morning Joshua Welton and Kirk Johnson transferred Prince’s tracks in2 Studio B. and mixing began. As the song neared completion at Prince’s behest Eryn Allen Kane graciously flew in on a moment’s notice and graced the track with her angelic presence."

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pointless Racism: People Calling Floyd Mayweather A Nigger Via Twitter?

Ignorance & Disrespect at an all-time high...

"Baltimore is off punishment lol" | Mayor Lifts Curfew 6 Days After Riots?

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

BALTIMORE (AP) — Six days after the death of Freddie Gray sparked riots in Baltimore, the city’s mayor lifted a citywide curfew on Sunday morning, signaling an end to the extraordinary measures taken to ensure public safety amid an outcry over police practices.
The order for residents to stay home between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. had been in place since Tuesday, and officials had planned to maintain it through Monday morning. Protests since Monday’s riots have been peaceful, and Friday’s announcement of charges against six officers involved in Gray’s arrest eased tensions.
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said in a statement that she didn’t want the curfew to continue any longer than necessary.
“My number one priority in instituting a curfew was to ensure the public peace, safety, health and welfare of Baltimore citizens,” the Democratic mayor said. “It was not an easy decision, but one I felt was necessary to help our city restore calm.”
In a press conference Sunday she thanked the faith-based leaders for helping to keep the calm in the community.
“Words are insufficient to describe my gratitude,” she said.
Gray died after suffering a broken neck while inside a police van. On Friday, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby filed charges against the six officers involved in his arrest, transport and fatal injury. The officers face charges ranging from manslaughter to second-degree murder.
Mosby, who deemed the death a homicide, said Gray’s neck was broken because he was placed head-first into a police van while in handcuffs and later leg shackles where he was left to slam against the walls of the small metal compartment. Police said the officers who arrested Gray ignored his cries for help because they thought he was faking his injuries. He was repeatedly denied medical attention.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Video: Jeezy x T.I. - Fuck The City Up

Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Police Department: How It Unfolded (?)

"Mr. Gray ran from the police before being taken into custody, according to Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez of the Baltimore Police Department."

1 08:39:12 a.m.

An officer pursues Mr. Gray and another person. Both run south.

2 08:39:52 a.m.

A police unit arrives two blocks south and radios, “I got him.”

08:40:12 a.m.

According to the police, Mr. Gray is stopped without the use of force. An officer takes out a Taser and prepares to use it, but never does. Data downloaded from the Taser shows it was never used, Deputy Commissioner Rodriguez said.

08:42 a.m.

A police van is requested. Mr. Gray asks the police for an inhaler.Officers put Mr. Gray into the back of the van. Full video

08:46 a.m.

The driver of the van believes Mr. Gray is acting irate in the back.

3 08:46 a.m.

The van stops so paperwork can be completed. Mr. Gray is placed in leg restraints and put back in the van.

08:54 a.m.

The van is headed toward Central Booking.

4 08:59 a.m.

The van goes to pick up the other person, who was arrested at 1600 West North Avenue. Police put him in the back of the van with Mr. Gray. The two prisoners are separated by a metal barrier. The van heads to the Western District station.

5 09:24 a.m.

After the van arrives at the Western District station, a medic is called.NY TIMES