Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jay-Z's Demo Tape (Pre-Reasonable Doubt) '90-'95?

1 Greatest MC (Demo) 0:00
2 What's In A Name? 4:17
3 Get Off My Dick (Feat. Sauce Money) 10:37
4 Understand Me 14:38
5 Pass The Roc 18:32
6 Broken English & Drug Sellin' (Feat. Sauce Money) 21:19
7 Rippin' It Up, Right? (Feat. Sauce Money) 24:50
8 Nothin' But Love (Feat. Sauce Money) 29:30
9 Under Pressure 31:49

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dope + Creative Things To Do In Baltimore?!

 Sunday, May 15th

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

R.I.P Afeni Shakur

"2pac’s mother and former Black Panther, Afeni Shakur (born Alice Faye Williams) passed away in Northern Califonia early this morning. She was 69. So far no cause of death has been reported.
Back in 1995, Afeni was immortalized on her son’s magnum opus, “Dear Mama”. Later this year, actress Danai Guriri will portray her in the 2pac biopic, All Eyez On Me. Condolences to Ms. Shakur friends and family." - B.Dot

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Technology Didn't Kill The Music Industry. The Fans Did..?

It is a scary proposition when paying artists for their music has become a voluntary act of kindness, rather than a consumer responsibility.  The free music fans consume like water, cost artists money to create; money they will never recover as long as the artist’s fan base consumes it for free.  Nothing is wrong with giving away an exclusive FREE track every now and again, but that should be the exception and not the rule.
As artists, we must stand our ground and set the expectation.

The ideology behind music freemium has destroyed the working class musician and independent labels.

Everyone thought that Napster was the second coming of Christ—and the beginning of the music revolution; however, in the midst of this transformation, the fans became increasingly desensitized to the fact, that the free music they were consuming was created by artists who have to make a living from their music.   The fallacy that artists/musicians are ultra rich is just that… a myth, nonetheless, perpetuated thanks to over-the-top hip hop videos and MTV Cribs, leading fans to believe that all artists are rich.

This is hardly the case when only 1% of artists are successfully making a living from their music.

Nevertheless, fans have been disillusioned to believe that their enjoyment of the free music obtained from the remaining 99% only affects the major labels, meanwhile most artists are literally starving.
The music industry is a brutal bitch, a beast that chews up artists and shits them out.
What if artists and musicians grew tired of the abuse and decided to stop making music?  What then?  Radio stations would be nothing but dead air between commercials — if all their advertisers don’t abandon them like rats on a sinking ship — and televisions stations that play music videos would be blank screens.  Imagine your favorite movie with no music to set the tone, or going to a school dance minus the dance. Like I said, a scary proposition.

When fans are left the option to pay whatever they’d like for music, they almost always choose zero.

As a content creator of music, why should I have to pass around the collection plate or hold out the tip jar and jingle it to capture your attention?  What if artists told fans that they would have to work at their jobs for free?  Do you think they would go quietly in the night to the land of acceptance?  Hell no, they would be in outrage, so why do they expect artists to just take one for the team?
Greed perhaps, ignorance maybe, but the one thing is for sure is that fans have a lopsided perspective as to what really goes on in the music business.  Artisans should be able to make a living from their work no different from a nurse or auto mechanic.

Sure, the 1% is living the lifestyle of the rich and famous; however, the 99% are one poorly-promoted show away from being homeless.  For God’s sake, something has to give.

I believe the healing will begin when the public is educated on how the music business works sans the VH1 movies and Hollywood imagery.
If fans understood what it takes to make a record — all the time, money, people, and energy — they would have more respect for the art and science of it.  If they could experience, on some part the dedication and sacrifice artists endure, their nonchalant attitudes toward paying artists what they owe would change.  Fans don’t realize that artists of today were fans of yesterday and the cycle is everlasting.
Fans and artists must come to an agreement on how music will be monetized using fair and equitable practices.  According to a recent CNN poll, the average football fan will pay $143 per game, which includes the cost of the ticket, parking, and refreshments, for a one-time event.  For music, a fans have the opportunity to play a CD as many times as they desire; yet they complain about spending $16 for the CD.   In order to set the wheels of change in motion, there must be a catalyst.

A Tribe Called Quest Set to Honor Phife Dawg at an Event in NYC?

It's been a little over a weeks since the tragic loss of Phife Dawg, and now his former group A Tribe Called Quest have announced plans for an event to honor their fallen comrade. Billed as "The Celebration of Phife," the gathering is set to take place at St. Albans Memorial Park in Queens, New York on April 4th at 10:30 am. No further details have been given at the time about what fans might expect to take place at the park, but the announcement promises that the first 200 fans to arrive will receive something very special.
The outpouring of affection for Phife Dawg since he succumbed to complications stemming from diabetes on March 22nd has been staggering. Tributes have poured in from all across the music world, the film world, the sports world and beyond for the rapper's immense contributions to the rap game. Last week, Q-Tip turned his regular Abstract Radio show on Beats 1 into a two-hour tribute to his bandmate, and the stories from such luminaries like AndrĂ© 3000Chuck DKendrick Lamar, and more about the ways in which Phife and Tribe impacted their lives were simply astounding. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Has Record Breaking, $170 Million Easter Weekend Opening?

As the debate rages online between critics and fanboys, the numbers are in for "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice." And while Warner Bros. might have been reeling from the reviews, they can at least take a a bit of solace from the numbers that have rolled in.
Zack Snyder's blockbuster earned a massive $170 million across the Easter weekend, which is well above the studio's own estimates, and slightly below the $180 million ballpark prognosticators had been predicting. But the figure is very healthy, breaking a few records including Best March Opening (previously held by "The Hunger Games" with $152 million), Best Easter Opening weekend (previously held by "Furious 7" with $147 million), Best Spring Opening (also previously held by "The Hunger Games"). Oh yeah, it's also Warner Bros.' biggest opening ever, edging out the $169 million of "Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows: Part 2."
In terms of comic-book adaptations, it's the fourth-highest bow ever, besting the $160 million haul of "The Dark Knight Rises" but falling short of the $174 million of "Iron Man 3." It's also the best opening of any Batman or DC Comics movie ever. So, all good stuff, right? Well, the real tale of this movie will be how well it holds in its second weekend. The film has earned a B-grade Cinemascore, the same as "Green Lantern," "Catwoman," and "Batman Returns" (by comparison, all the Christopher Nolan Batman movies landed an A). It's also below the A- that "Man Of Steel" scored. In short, audiences weren't entirely over the moon with the movie, which means word of mouth is not going to be strong. That said, its global opening weekend bow, $424.1 million, is the fourth highest ever, so if domestic box office drops off in later weekends, the film could perform strong overseas and make up the difference.
So, where is 'Batman v Superman' headed financially? Generally speaking, films that open this big usually clear $400 million domestic; however, the only films to debut over $150 million and not hit that mark are "Spider-Man 3" (which had a much higher Rotten Tomatoes score of 63%) and the aforementioned 'Deathly Hallows Part 2' which dropped a staggering 72% in its second weekend. And that's really the question: Is 'Dawn Of Justice' a one-weekend phenomenon, or can WB continue pushing the movie toward the numbers (at least $800 million worldwide) it needs to make to be successful? We'll see, but 'Dawn Of Justice' will hit $500 million worldwide in just a few days, thanks to the $254 million the picture earned internationally this weekend, with $57.3 million coming from China alone.
The only other movie to go into wide release this weekend was Universal's "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2," which earned $18 million. The sequel is clearly not going to be the $368 million worldwide grossing phenomenon of its predecessor, but seems poised to clear a small profit, and spin forever on cable where it will quietly become a steady earner.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beyoncé "Formation" World Tour Dates

4/27 – Miami, FL @ Marlins Park (Onsale 2/16)
4/29 – Tampa, FL @ Raymond James Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
5/1 – Atlanta, GA @ Georgia Dome (Onsale 2/22)
5/3 – Raleigh, NC @ Carter-Finley Stadium (Onsale 2/22)
5/5 – Nashville, TN @ Nissan Stadium (Onsale 2/22)
5/7 – Houston, TX @ NRG Stadium (Onsale 2/22)
5/9 – Dallas, TX @ AT&T Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
5/12 – San Diego, CA @ Qualcomm Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
5/14 – Los Angeles, CA @ Rose Bowl (Onsale 2/16)
5/16 – San Francisco, CA @ Levi’s Stadium (Onsale 2/22)
5/18 – Seattle, WA @ CenturyLink Field (Onsale 2/22)
5/20 – Edmonton, AB @ Commonwealth Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
5/23 – Minneapolis, MN @ TCF Bank Stadium (Onsale 2/22)
5/25 – Toronto, ON @ Rogers Centre (Onsale 2/16)
5/27 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field (Onsale 2/16)
5/29 – Detroit, MI @ Ford Field (Onsale 2/22)
5/31 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Heinz Field (Onsale 2/22)
6/3 – Boston, MA @ Gillette Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
6/5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field (Onsale 2/16)
6/7 – New York, NY @ Citi Field (Onsale 2/16)
6/10 – Baltimore, MD @ M&T Bank Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
6/12 – Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium (Onsale 2/16)

6/28 – Sunderland, UK @ Stadium of Light (Onsale 2/16)
6/30 – Cardiff, UK @ Millennium Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
7/2 – London, UK @ Wembley Stadium (Onsale 2/16)
7/5 – Manchester, UK @ Emirates Old Trafford (Onsale 2/16)
7/7 – Glasgow, UK @ Hampden Park (Onsale 2/16)
7/9 – Dublin, IE @ Croke Park (Onsale 2/15)
7/12 – Dusseldorf, DE @ Esprit Arena (Onsale 2/22)
7/14 – Zurich, CH @ Letzigrund (Onsale 2/22)
7/16 – Amsterdam, NE @ Arena (Onsale 2/15)
7/18 – Milan, IT @ Stadio San Siro (Onsale 2/15)
7/21 – Paris, FR @ Stade de France (Onsale 2/15)
7/24 – Copenhagen, DK @ Parken (Onsale 2/22)
7/26 – Stockholm, SE @ Friends Arena (Onsale 2/15)
7/29 – Frankfurt, DE @ Commerzbank Arena (Onsale 2/15)
7/31 – Brussels, BE @ Roi Boudoin (Onsale 2/22)

Friday, December 25, 2015



Once again the creative brand, The Incredible Creation has propelled in to the right direction with a successful kickoff of  The Incredible Little Art Gallery. On December 19th Founder, Milly, Co-founder of The Incredible Art Gallery, Jerrell Gibbs and fellow partners opened the doors to an art gallery displaying the art and creative works of multiple talents. One of the focuses for The Incredible Little Art Gallery is to be one of the best young African-American Owned art galleries inBaltimore,Maryland. Diversity is another key attribute of the art gallery as it will feature a plethora of work from painters, photographers, sculptors and more. The Incredible Little Art Gallery possesses a variety of artistic styles such assurrealism, contemporary, photo-realismabstract, and pop art
Photographer, Russell Bunn (@imagesnybunn on all social media) showing off his work.

3 Ways We Ruin Relationships?

No matter who you are, what you do, who you know, we’ve all ruined relationships. But to be honest, we probably didn’t mean to. To be even more honest, we probably don’t know how we do it. Sadly, many of us continue to destroy our relationships and we can’t stop.

Let’s look at the word ruin. Webster defines it as “to deliberately destroy or damage”
Unfortunately, on top of this many of us are masters of sabotage. We ironically destroy the vital pieces of our own lives. Our careers, our friendships, our integrity, and even our trust. But if one thing is true, it’s that relationships are a critical component to our health and happiness – not just intimate relationships, but all friends, family, and co-workers.
If you struggle with relationships, you struggle with life.
Early childhood plays a heavy role here. All of us, to some degree, have experienced damage and learned behaviors that result in brokenness and mistrust for others. It’s made us skeptical, weary, critical, fearful, and worried. A re-learning of how to relate, how to connect, and how to love, is required.
Here are just 3 Ways (of many) we Ruin Relationships – and How to Stop:

Why we Should have Sex Every Day.

sexy couple

Okay, we are all adults here, so let’s be honest.

Everyone loves sex. We do.
Our bodies were made with the capacity not just to reproduce, but to thoroughly enjoy a good romping as well.
But did you know that great sex can actually improve our health and give us a higher quality of life?
Here are a few reasons to go get your groove on every day!
An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.
People who have sex at least two times a week, have more of the good stuff that fights off bad germs and viruses. Apparently, rigorous sex is best.
So, go strap on your cowboy boots, because things are about to get rowdy!
Not only will sex help you stay cold-free, regular sex has also been shown to lower prostate cancer levels in men, and improve joint function. A joint lubricating hormone is released during foreplay and orgasm, which helps keep joints flexible and healthy.
But don’t worry gals, there’s something in it for you too! Studies have shown that women who orgasm on a regular basis tend to have shorter and less painful menstrual periods—as if you needed another reason to pounce on your partner.
By releasing those feel-good chemicals in our bodies during a good love making session, we actually give ourselves a boost to stay healthy and function better. That way, we can save our sick days for playing hooky with our lover instead of nursing a bad cold.
Say Om.
Being able to harness our breath and breathe deep to relax is an important skill, but did you know that people who engage in sex in a regular basis have lower blood pressure and a dramatically decreased risk of heart attack?