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(Video) August Alsina Disrespects 106 & Park Host?

You can call it "real" or whatever you want but since when did REAL become "disrespectful" & unprofessional ?!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jews Call Blacks "Liquid Money" ?!

This posts goes for about 95% of the Black Community, lets be honest...

"Someone I know works closely with a Jewish businessman. *One day, the two had an honest conversation, in which the Jewish man asked, “Do you know what my Jewish friends call the black community?” My friend said, “No, what do they call us?” He replied, “We call you liquid money. The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black. *We see that as a huge business opportunity.” He then used the example of many black people on payday or when we get our tax refunds. *He noted how we’ll go to an Indian business to cash the check, an Asian hair salon, a corner store owned by Arabs and a department store owned by whites. *He explained how, when it’s all said and done, these other business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat our bank accounts as if we are the prey. This is not an attack on Jewish people, but a lesson on how ignorant we look when we keep giving all of our money away. *Part of the New Black Panther Party is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in our own communities, the same way you plant a seed from a piece of fruit in order to grow more fruit in your garden. If you’re always waiting for someone else to feed you, you are typically an inch or two away from starvation. It’s something to think about."

Friday, April 11, 2014

1997: ECW Invades WWF Raw

Thursday, April 10, 2014

(Full Movie) Baby Boy (Starring Tyrese & Snoop Dogg)

Have You Heard?! Nicki Minaj’s Mom Drops Gospel Song?!

carol maraj zpsba024485 Lookin Ass Christians: Nicki Minajs Mom Drops Gospel Song

"Nicki Minaj’s mother, Carol Maraj, managed to find her way inside a studio, recording a gospel track. This “Gullah Gullah Island” praise and worship mash-up is dedicated especially to all you women of the cloth who get a little too friendly while giving male church members hugs..." 

July 6, 1985: "Macho Man" Randy Savage's WWF Debut

There's A Texting App That Lets Users Anonymously Criticize or Flirt With Their Phone Contacts?!

Truth App

Secret and Whisper, the current darlings of the anonymous messaging market, are all about broadcasting your innermost thoughts — or Gwyneth Paltrow gossip — in a feed format.
But the founders of Truth created an anonymous messaging app that sends private missives to people on your contacts list. It's incognito one-on-one messaging between friends.
When you send a "truth," you are assigned an anonymous username and avatar (one of an assortment of playful owls). If the recipient already has the app, the message will show up in the app's inbox. If they don't, a text message will display part of the "truth" and prompt the recipient to download the app.
"Whisper and Secret are about broadcasting," Truth cofounder Ali Saheli tells Mashable. "You shout out anonymously, kind of like on Twitter. The concept of [messaging] phone contacts was more interesting to us."
The app officially debuted April 1, after spending several weeks in public beta in Canada. During that time it cracked the top 100 on the Canadian App Store, coming in 90th and beating out Secret. Saheli says Truth has gained most of its following in Vancouver, but it recently received an unexpected boost from high school and college-age users in New York, California and Florida.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(Video) Ultimate Warrior's WWF & WCW Debuts

JUST ANNOUNCED! Second Show For School Boy Q At Baltimore Soundstage!

Oxymoron World Tour with Schoolboy Q *LATE SHOW*

Oxymoron World Tour with Schoolboy Q *LATE SHOW*

Isaiah Rashad, Vince Staples

The Ultimate Warrior dead at 54

The Ultimate Warrior speaks during the WWE Hall of Fame Induction at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Saturday, April 5. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)

You could not find a scarier man in neon spandex.
Wrestling star the Ultimate Warrior has died at 54, according to a statement posted on the Web site of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). No cause of death was released.
The Ultimate Warrior might have been born James Hellwig, but he changed his name officially to Warrior in 1993. Heralded as the man who made personality a full-on requirement of wrestling showmanship, he was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame over the weekend.
Warrior’s death came as a shock — he’d appeared on “Monday Night Raw,” WWE’s weekly television show, days earlier. His Wrestlemania VI battle against archrival Hulk Hogan is remembered as one of the best in pro-wrestling history.
“No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own,” Warrior said at “Monday Night Rawafter donning a mask that mimicked his iconic makeup. “Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, it makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized.” He pointed to the audience. “You are the legend-makers of Ultimate Warrior.”

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Listen: 25 Iconic TV Theme Songs


When thousands of Game Of Thrones fans furiously refreshed HBO Go last night, the only thing they wanted to hear was the show's famous theme song — signalling another season of bloodshed and betrayal.
Like so many of the best shows on televisionGame of Thrones' theme song is an integral part of the viewing experience. Hearing Westeros' anthem got us thinking about the best TV theme songs over the years.
So if dragons and gore aren't your cup of tea, we assembled this Music Monday playlist of the most iconic TV theme songs of all time — from dramas Breaking Bad and Mad Men to comedies The Office and Friends. Which of these ubiquitous themes is your favorite?


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 1.12.08 AM

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Remember?! Eminem's "Hail Mary" [ft. 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes] (Dissin' Ja Rule & Murder Inc.)

Come get me
Motherfuckers if you want Shady
If Pac was still here now,
He would never ride with Ja
Na, na, na, na ,na, na, na, na

Makaveli rest in peace
Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body
Mouth like a .12 gauge shotti

[Chorus 2x]

You ain't no killer, you a pussy
That ecstasy got you all emotional and moushy
Bitches wearing rags in photos, Ja's words being quoted
In the SOURCE, stealing 'Pac's shit like he just wrote it
You loud mouth, pray to god, hoping no ones listening
See 50 coming for me, I'ma guard my, my position
No one will pay attention
To me, please Gotti, here I go
Gimme this pill, ecstasy got me feeling so
Now all of a sudden I'm a fucking mad man who screams
Like I'm 'Pac but I'm not, enemies, Hennesy
Acting like I'm great, but I'm fake, I'm CRAZY
Sweat drip, get me off this trip, someone stop this train
Some say my brain is all corrupted, fuck from this shit
I'm stuck, I'm addicted from these drugs, I'ma quit
Saying motherfucker's name's before someone fucks me up
Ain't no pussies over here, partner, see you hell, fucker

[Eminem Sings]
Come get me
If you motherfuckers want Shady
If Pac was still here now,
He would never ride with Ja
Na, na, na, na ,na, na, na, na

Get off that E
Before you try to fuck with me
It's Aftermath here now
Shady Records got it locked
La, la, la, la , la, la, la, la

[50 Cent]
Penitentiaries is packed with promise makers
Never realized the precious time them bitch niggas is wasting
Institutionalize, my bitches bring me product by the bundles
Hustle hard from the cell, G-Unit motherfucker, WE BALLING
Catch me counting trees when I'm calling
Can you set my car, Ceo let me sip on Henessy, "Can I sips some more?"
Hell, I done been in jail, I ain't scared
Momma checking in my bedroom, I ain't there
I got a head with no screws in it
Motherfuckers think they can stop 50... they losing it
Lil' nigga named Ja, thinks he live like me
Talking about he left the hospital, took 9 like me

[50 Cent]
You living fantasies nigga
I'll Reject your Deposit
When yo lil sweet ass coming out of the closet
now he wondering why DMX blow him out
next time grown folks talking bitch close your mouth
Peep me I take this war shit deeply
Seen too many real niggas balling like these bitch niggas beat me
yous a motherfucking punk and you see me with gloves
quit scaring them fucking kids with ya ugly ass mug
and you can tell them niggas you roll with whatever you want
but you and i know whats going on Nigga pay back I know your bitch ass from way back
Witness be strap with macs You know I don't play that
All these old rappers trying to advance its all over now -- take it like a man
HAHA--Irv looking like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick
trying to play hate on my shit - man eat a fat dick
Loving this shit, thats how you made me-feeling like I got you niggas crazy, i like
Against all odds up with my dogs motherfuckers now
It'll be the realist shit I ever wrote
Against all odds, up in the studio getting blow to the truest shit i ever
spoke 21 gun salute

[Busta Rhymes:]
Hey yo I'm one of the most humble, rep the streets to the core
Hey Jeffrey, What the fuck you come involving me for?
You spent a long time coming like a bless and a check
you see 106 and park fans don't even fucking respect you
It's kinda funny, wanna be PAC wanna be fake like he thug
running around talking shit that he ain't even capable of
now let me OFF this cock sucker watch me handle you nigga
If i recall Violator use to manage you nigga then took a closer look and
realized you was an empostor theres never been a Violator on a Murda Inc rosta. Dumb ass
now who shoot? -- Ah made you look, you said Busta singing the same old hook, You Stupid
if yall shoot I take a look at ya man the bitch shot himself in front of Def Jam
Chedda Bob ass nigga start adjusting ya plan
you let the streets down nigga - Apologize to ya fans
watch ya pull a lil stunt like we ain't know where you are ya lil faggot
desperate be trying while we establish a buzz I know the shit is driving you crazy You wondering how
The streets ain't never want you Beatrice what you gonna do now?
Now if you wanna beef with me, then I'm beefing with you
I think about the game and what its like and "WHAT WOULD IT BE WITHOUT YOU"
You finished I ain't trying to repeat this just because I'm cool shouldn't
take my kindness for weakness

[Busta speaking in background]
Ooh shit ha ha That was fun Next time you got a problem with me, Address me
before you try to make the shit a public issue homie, I'm return back to my regular
self and have fun again

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Police Officer Over Steps His Boundaries, Police Shoot Innocent Man & Jay Elec's Moment Of Clarity?

Fuck The Police by GerardoGomez

"Turn Down For What?
Jay Electronica is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it in anymore. This morning, the ultra enigmatic MC vented about these controversial clips and the status quo. Internet trolls and crooked cops, listen up." - B.Dot

"..and i don’t respect no so-called thug that will kill his brother for little or nothing but submit to these crooked ass police. your gun don’t really go off. only against your own brother who is in the mud like you. coward. “thugs” and “goons” walk past george zimmerman everyday. why he aint get his head bust yet? “thugs” and “goons” walk past george zimmerman everyday. why he aint get his head bust yet? if you can’t relate to what I’m saying, I’m not talking to you.
whats sad is pp will fight or oppose you if you dabble in this kind of talk.. but they won’t fight the school for teaching the babies lies. they won’t fight the banks for stealing their homes or the fda for approving poison to be fed to the ppl. how i say it may not come out right, but you motherfuckers know what I’m saying, and those that pretend they don’t are just pretenders. everything is pretend these days. every fucking thing. its like ppl have abandoned there inner constitution for turn up kits and social networking hype. No one is a standup guy anymore?
rant over. you can go back to listening to your favourite artists tell you how much you’re not shit and make you feel bad for not having. turnupturnupturnup welcome to the fucking circus. and w all of this bullshit in circulation in the art industries, I’m starting to think some of these ppl are fucking CIA. these artists bloggers journalists label execs radio programmers are acting like fucking CIA operatives. What is your purpose? and if this doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply. shut the fuck up..."



" ‘Cause He’s A Thug.
Trick Daddy was arrested at his home in Miramar, Florida last night and charged with possession of drugs and a firearm by a convicted felon.
According to NBC Miami, authorities  searched the rapper’s home with a “sniff warrant” and found cocaine and  a 9mm with a box of ammunition. He was booked and later released." - Big Homie

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's 4th Quarter All Year? : Introducing 4thQu (Your New Favorite Artist)

Enter: 4thQu, an American recording artist born & raised in Baltimore, Maryland. We are posting this for you in an effort to introduce & get you familiar with his music. Not quite the "social" or internet savvy-type, you won't catch this up & coming artist flooding social media with links or spamming people every chance he gets. 4th would much rather focus on his craft & let the music speak for itself. Which is why you won't find much from him [yet] via a simple "google" or bing search but we're working on that, slowly but surely. (You actually won't even get a chance to see what he looks like as we plan to keep his identity a secret for as long as possible). So, as we continue to build the 4thQu brand, please take a moment to hear what he has to offer, definitely not the typical "rap/hip-hop" you might be expecting to hear. Enjoy.

Just released TODAY (April 2nd), 4th taking a stab at ScHoolboy Q's "Man Of The Year" Instrumental

Some would say that his flow is conversational but more importantly beat-driven. [Whatever sounds good sonically]. If you were to ask him he'd most likely tell you; "My style is urban but elegant. When people listen to my music I want them to feel like they can apply it to their everyday life..." Some of his more recent musical influences include Drake, Kanye West, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar and a host of others.

*If you would like .mp3 files for any of these tracks or have any additional questions, please feel free to let us know, Thank You.

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10 things you probably didn't know about oral sex?!

You're Doing It Wrong: Oral Sex

Men want hot women. Hot women want oral sex. Not only do you need to do it, you need to know how to do it well—and you need to keep doing it until you are told to stop. If you do it wrong, she will see you as an amateur, an idiot, a beta-male douchebag who is not worthy of her sexual powers. If you do it right, she will see you as a king. Most men are, at best, mediocre at cunnilingus. So, if you can raise yourself above the mediocre majority and become an exceptional expert, you will become the man that every woman wants. Here is how most men are doing it wrong—and how YOU will do it right.
Dr. Alex Schiller is a sociosexual psychologist who brings hot singles together through her hilarious live show, Never Sleep Alone. Follow her on Twitter at @NeverSleepAlone.
You're Doing It Wrong: Oral Sex

Don't Go Too Fast

The number one mistake men make is taking the oral sex encounter too fast. This isn't a race. You are a poor child in a war-torn country. It’s Christmas at the orphanage, and she is the only gift you are getting, so you’d better savor every second of the only happiness you will receive all year long. The slower you go, the faster she comes.
 You're Doing It Wrong: Oral Sex

Don't Ask Her to Wash Up

She's clean, dude. Never suggest a woman shower or shave before you go down on her. The vagina is a self-cleansing eco-system. Asking a woman to shower or shave before you go down on her is like scraping all the toppings off a gourmet pizza before you eat it. That's something only annoying little fuckboys do. 

The Boondocks - Texting (Clip)

Aaron McGruder’s Farewell Letter to The Boondocks?!

by Treezy
Aaron McGruder recently took to The Boondocks Facebook page to address the situation behind season 4 of The Boondocks. 
The following is an open letter from Aaron McGruder.
As the world now knows, The Boondocks will be returning for a fourth season, but I will not be returning with it. I’d like to extend my gratitude to Sony and Adult Swim for three great seasons.
I created The Boondocks two decades ago in college, did the daily comic for six years, and was showrunner on the animated series for the first three seasons. The Boondocks pretty much represents my life’s work to this point. Huey, Riley, and Granddad are not just property to me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind.
To quote a great white man, “Hollywood is a business”. And to quote another great white man, “Don’t hold grudges”.
What has never been lost on me is the enormous responsibility that came with The Boondocks – particularly the television show and it’s relatively young audience. It was important to offend, but equally important to offend for the right reasons. For three seasons I personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was not perfect. And it definitely was not quick. But it was always done with a keen sense of duty, history, culture, and love. Anything less would have been simply unacceptable.
As for me, I’m finally putting a life of controversy and troublemaking behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, BLACK JESUS.
As a fan reading this, I can tell it was painful for Aaron to let go of this tremendous series. It’s heartbreaking for me to read this as a fan, but as an artist I completely understand Aaron’s choice and will continue to follow and support whatever the man continues to produce.
Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more on Aaron McGruder and The Boondocks.

"The Big Bang Theory" TV Theme (Full Song) by: Barenaked Ladies

2014: The Purge: Anarchy (Trailer 1 & 2)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Report: iPhone 6 Photo 'Leak' Reveals New Size?


It's long been rumored that Apple's next-generation iPhone 6 will come in two sizes: one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display. Now, an alleged leaked document of what is believed to be a schematic of the iPhone 6 provides further hints that we could see an Apple smartphone in the 5.5-inch range.
As spotted by BGR, a diagram posted to the French website — which often has a solid track record for getting leaked tech products photos ahead of launches — reveals the dimensions for the iPhone 6, or at least one of the models. The picture first reportedly popped up on a Chinese website.
The length is listed at 5.9 inches and the width comes in at 3.3 inches, a significant jump in size over the current iPhone 5S. That model is 4.87 x 2.32 inches.
iPhone Schematic

(Video) 'Road Rage Karma' Caught on Camera

An incident of road rage karma was caught on tape by a driver in Tampa, Fla. In her post on YouTube the woman said a pickup truck was tailgating her hard for about three minutes while she was in the left lane passing trucks. On the video posted Thursday she said she didn't speed up because the roads were wet and she had to turn left in less than a mile. After the two drivers get past the line of trucks he speeds into the right lane, gives the woman the finger and hits the gas. As he speeds up his truck fishtails on the wet pavement and he spins through an intersection before crashing into a tree. The woman can be heard laughing at the driver as she drives past, yelling out the window, "That's what you get! On video, buddy!" On the video post the woman wrote, "This moron could have easily killed somebody with his moronic behavior, and my laughing at the end would have been replaced with tears. Needless to say though, I've never seen Karma come back so fast." She also noted, "until I watched the video after the accident I didn't even know he shot a bird at me because I wasn't looking at him at all, I was paying attention to the road while holding the phone up with my right hand." According to the woman police were able to track down the man because of the video. "He initially fled the scene of the accident, but thanks to this video he has been caught and charged," the woman wrote. "Massive props to the Sheriffs Department and most especially the Highway Patrol who responded to the scene." Driving and talking on a cell phone is legal in Florida.

Read More at:



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Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 2.02.41 PM

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

(Video) Baltimore's King Los Leaves Bad Boy: Was Diddy's 'Nobody' Rant The Reason?!

Get More: 

"Rick Ross and French Montana deliver an unforgettable performance on the Boss' new single "Nobody," but Bad Boy CEO Diddy absolutely stole the show.

The standout Mastermind track samples audio of Puff passionately tearing down and somehow trying to motivate an unknown member of his team. Ross told "RapFix Live" that the audio came from a very real conversation and while he told us that it wasn't French Montana on the receiving end of the rant, he left the door open.

"When I took [the rant] and chopped it up and put it on my record I gave him my word. I would never reveal who it was that he was scolding because it's someone you know," Ross told us on March 6."

Win 2 Tickets To See Action Bronson In Baltimore?!

Here's your chance to see Action Bronson on March 24th at The Baltimore Soundstage!
Be the first to send an e-mail to ( ) with the answers to the questions listed below & you are the winner! GOOD LUCK!

1. Action's real name is...?

2. The title of the mixtape he released in November of 2013 is...?

3. Last month he was in Australia and New Zealand touring with...?

4. His online cooking show was called....?

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Win 2 Tickets To See Sevyn Streeter At The Baltimore Soundstage!!!

The First Person To E-Mail ( )
With The Answers To Our 2 Questions Listed Below Wins 2 Tickets To See Sevyn On Sunday At The Baltimore Soundstage! Good Luck!

What City In Florida Is Sevyn From?


Who Are 4 Artists That Sevyn Has Written For?!

We will personally e-mail the winner to congratulate them & get any information we need from them!


kanye sxsw

Guilt Trip.
Mr. West has plead no contest in his misdemeanor battery assault with a photographer at LAX back in July.
 He accepted a plea and has been ordered to pay for the photographer’s equipment and medical bills. The judge gave Yeezus 2 years probation, 250 hours of community service, 4 anger management sessions and a day in jail. Bound. - Big Homie