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Monday, April 21, 2014

Rap Radar Comments (Part 1)

Some of you may not visit Rap Radar let alone look at the comments section.. But I do.. Sometimes, I read the comments before even looking at the actual post... Lots of comedic commentary to be found on a lot of that stuff & sometimes you might get some knowledge kicked your way so I just had the idea to do this & it might become a weekly thing, where I'll post some of the best comments from Rap Radars site... it gets entertaining from time to time... I'll start with the post that made me come up with this idea...

"tony yayo thought he was gunna get that memphis bleek retirement package naw nigga get to work"

"You have to remember Bleek is a loyal cat. Bleek has been around Jay since he was a teenager. This dude Yayo is not a loyal cat, he is more like a opportunist who never tried to stand on his own. He used this so call G-Unit brand to ride the wave. I remember when Yayo was talking bad about Buck. Now look at yo ass, you're in the same boat. It was only a matter of time. As for Banks, he should be wayyyy up there in the rap game but dude is too lazy. Banks is too lyrical to be just sitting at home,... Banks could really surpass most of these cats including Jadakiss but excluding Nas and Jay."

"This situation is no different than the Jay/Beans situation to me, in the sense of: That man put you in a position to eat, you've made millions with that man. How long is he supposed to walk you down the road? How long you wanna be a hype man? You're staying stagnant around a man who has his hand in multiple pots. Eventually the dead weight is gonna get old."

"For those who don't understand, and who are calling 50 "disloyal", to sum up everything. He's tired of putting in the work for them. He made everyone in G-Unit HUGE, enough for them to branch off and capitalize off that buzz, away from the shadow of 50 Cent. He did what a homeboy was supposed to do, he put them on, set them up to win! But they didn't grind hard enough. They started looking at 50 for money like "he got it, so I don't need to hustle no more" NO! That's not how it works. 50 got tired of them eating off of him, got tired of doing things for them. So he cut 'Em off, like if you don't want it bad enough to get it yourself, I'm not gon give it to you either. They could ALL be where 50 is right now if they woulda worked hard enough, stayed consistent etc. simple as that."

"What was the last thing Banks or Yayo asked this nigga for? Every interview he acting as if they outside the gates to his crib asking for money and shit. Maybe if you pulled Curtis dick out your mouth long enough maybe you'll see that this nigga is grimmey as hell and he eventually do everybody in his life dirty. His baby's mom, his son, bang em smurf, buck, Floyd and now banks and yayo. If he helped banks and yayo so much, why he not doing the same for Paris, kid kid or any of the other artist he signed? If he wanna be done with his day one niggas that's his choice, but he's not even helping the new niggas he put on. Why he ain't putting Paris on none of Es new songs? What bout kid kid? Or better yet why he not shitting on em like he is banks and yayo? They not making theme selves hot. They not creating no buzz or doing anything more than Banks & yayo. Man Curtis a snake & you're a dick rider"

*In order to understand some of these you may want to visit the comments section yourself, lol*

"trash music by trash niggas"

"pretty funny...if not for that ONE drake verse, these Migos niggas would be so irrelevant. Their music sucks. Stop posting this filth."


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